When it comes to web applications, a web application framework is an integral part of all the things that are taken into consideration when developing a web application. Frameworks provide libraries for database access, template frameworks, session management and code reuse. Their main focus is on dynamic websites but they are also applicable to static websites. Frameworks define the structure of a web application in which it will handle and execute all the operations. Frameworks are built to support the applications which are usually using a single programming language.
Laravelis one such powerful web application framework. Laravel is powerful and provides tools for large, robust applications. Simplicity, innovation and elegance are the trio that explains all that Laravel is. The main feature of it,that it has a simple but fast routing engine. It provides multiple back-ends for session and cache storage.Laravel defines themselves as a modern toolkit with a pinch of magic. It is a very vast and comparatively huge framework. Laravel was created to provide a more advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter Framework.
Laravel, with its Eloquent ORM which helps in handling databases with its classes and table rows. Query Builder helps in writing SQL queries directly. Unit testing is an integral part of Laravel.Form request is a feature that serves as the base for form input validation by internally connecting event listeners. A Vagrant virtual machine called Homestead provides the developers with all the tools necessary to develop Laravel straight out of the box. Packages provided are Cashier, SSH, Scheduler, Flysystem, Socialite. Its Command-Line Interface called Artisan was introduced with its third version. Uses of this CLI include managing database migrations and seeding, publishing package assets, and generating boilerplate code for new controllers and migrations.
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